A fabulous location in the Loire Valley

Fort Saint Ours - 37600 Loches
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mobile : +33 06 71 633 693

The " Knight's Cottage " offers the important advantages to be centred location, of this Historic Valley full of wineyards, Chateaux and natural "BIO" food producers
..."Living well", here, is a tip ...
Loches, Royal Chateau, is the exact centre of the main and most famous Chateaux of the Loire Valley.

the Knight Cottage **** on Loches walls
The Gite du Chevalier **** is located in the heart of "cité Royale", of Loches.


Le Gite du Chevalier - The Knight's Cottage"
La Maison de l'Argentier du Roy
21 Rue Saint Ours,
Loches, 37600