the Knight's CottageFew Pictures of the Knight's Cottage

Fort Saint Ours - 37600 Loches
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mobile : +33 06 71 633 693

A small gallery of different pictures of The " Knight's Cottage " will help to discover, inside of this Historic place.

Some pictures to visit

Ground Floor
Main door to the street ; access to your private terrace and the garden.

Main door from the medieval street :

A "reserved & hidden" street to protect us ..

A Private Parking, closed, and motorised

...very rare in a médiéval center

your private terrace

Topiairies of buxus and yews, and a view miles away... to play Chess comfortably

A nice meal under trees'shadow :

On the small Fort Saint Ours' old walls

Main ground floor room, and its access to the garden.

Convenient room to stock luggages, or your bicycles


To enjoy the "jardin a la francaise", and our 10 cépages making all the Loire wines, to gaze Indre river valley
First Floor
Main living room : lounge ; dining room ; kitchen ; bathroom ; independant toilets ..

lounge beside the antique 15th century chimney...

Romantic place to rest.

...And its outside stunning view through its window.:

The Royal Chateau of Loches, where Johan of Arch meet her king in May 1429 (the knight's Cottage was there...).

The dinnig room

Comfortable antiques under wood walls and multi-centenary oak beams to enjoy the food treasures of the region, without forgetting all wines colors.

the kitchen place.

Fonctional, central, with all the necesary for a 'Chef' to prepare his French Cuisine. A 2nd large fridge is at ground floor to stock 'market's discoveries'

the very large bathroom .

Large shower, double sink to be very spaceful and comfortable for 2 persons.

Toilets .

Independant and beside the bathroom .
Second Floor
Main very large bedroom.

main Queen size bed, four posters.

Totally rebuilt from authentic pieces of an 18th century beds with fine bronzes .

2 extras single beds .

Possible for extras : children or friends .

Extra beds together for a large one is possible.

As another king- size bed .